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How to Pick the best of Austin Bands for your Wedding


Austin, Texas is chock full of great wedding bands, but finding the most appropriate of all the bands available for your wedding can seem like a daunting task. A band that plays radio hits that everyone knows will be more successful than original bands and there are lots of great Austin Bands in the Austin area to hire.

First and foremost is going to be the song list that the band performs. Does the band play a wide variety of music? Remember, you will have everyone at your reception from your young cousins and nieces to your grandparents, so music from the 50's on up to current is needed. Another point to make is that whatever era of songs the band is playing, they need to be favorites across all different ages. Most wedding receptions will serve dinner to their guests and the group should have a nice laid back dinner set to play besides just fast music for dancing.

Next, after the band passes the variety song list test, take a listen to the band's demos. Most Austin musicians are extremely talented but do your homework and listen to all the demos or even better check out their live video if they have one. After making your decisions to three or four bands, check their schedule and view a live show. This is the most critical test of all.

Third, and a most overlooked aspect of a wedding band is whether or not the drummer is playing electronic drums or not. An acoustic kit by its very virtue is a very loud instrument causing the whole group to turn up and this causes the band to be painfully loud, driving your guests out of the ballroom and heading for home. The volume of the band at this stage is way to loud for the group to perform a dinner set as your guests won't be able to converse and you'll be inundated with complaints. Some drummers play very lightly and this works fine on an acoustic kit but these drummers are few and far between. Electronic drums also sound just as good at quiet volumes as they do at loud volumes whereas non-electric drums tend to sound "trash canny" at quieter volumes.

Another step is to find out if your band has a female vocalist If not, there are many great songs by female vocalists that the band wont be performing which can be vital in adding tons of live energy to your reception and will keep your guests out of their seats and on the dance floor shaking it and having a ball.

The final thing to look at is the cost of the band. More popular bands cost more than your local garage band and nine times out of ten you're going to get what you pay for. Cheaper bands are cheaper usually for a reason. There are a few reasons that professional wedding bands command the higher dollar than amateur bands. One is awesome sound quality which is difficult for an amateur band to give due to the lack of experience. It takes years to learn how to balance levels of instruments in a live situation and more professional and experienced bands will always excel here. Another reason is that more seasoned bands will be able to judge what style of music should be played for what crowd they are playing for based on their response to the style of tunes they play and this can make certain that your crowd stays on the feet dancing and doesn't get bored and leave early.

To add it all up, the group needs a large number of popular radio tunes, have an awesome sound, have lots of energy while they are performing, have a drummer with electronic drums or a light hitter, come with a female vocalist and be the most pro band you can afford.







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