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Live Houston bands or Disc Jockeys?


Ever wonder which would be better entertainment for your reception, a Disc Jockey or a live Houston cover band? Live Houston bands always come out on top in this scenario! A live Houston band lets your guests know this is a true special occasion worthy of a live performance. A live band has far more energy and mystique than a DJ because the band members are putting on a show as well as performing live and the live energy of the band often gets people dancing far more than a Disk Jockey. unfortunately, its not the joyful marriage of you and your fiance that your guests recall most but the entertainment of the evening. You will hear far more compliments on the band you hired than you will compliments on what a beautiful ceremony it was, and you will rarely hear compliments on what an unbelievable Disc Jockey that guy was. Entertainment is key to a great reception.

You'll hear some folks telling you that a Houston band will have a much smaller list of songs but this is a fallacy as most pro live Houston bands have over 16 hours or more of songs and can easily pick and choose the strongest songs according to crowd response to make sure that the dance floor stays packed and the energy never fails. Also, bands act as a DJ on band breaks and this is a perfect time to have them play some of your favorite tunes that might not be in their song list. Also, during breaks should be when you do all your wedding activities such as garter and bouquet toss, cutting the cake, and best man and bride's maid toasts. This keeps your guests occupied while the band rests in between sets and the band can then spin your favorite dance numbers. You can also have the best of both worlds with a live band DJing tunes on their breaks by having the band Disk Jockey special genres of music for relations of certain ethnic groups that may be at the party such as South American, Korean, Japanese, or whatever genre your special ethnicity of guest favors.

When looking at bands, don't expect all live Houston bands to be on the same playing field. Be sure and check out the band's song list to see if it is well-rounded and it should have a good assortment of music from all genres. A band that has been around for years will recognize which tunes work best at making people dance in the varied age groups at wedding parties and will know which songs are preferred across all age groups. An illustration would be Respect by Aretha Franklin which is just as effective at getting high school kids out shaking it as it is getting people of 60 or more on the dance floor. A good live show will have all this info in advance and will wield it like the hand of Thor in keeping your reception hopping through the entire night. As Well, most professional wedding bands will have a leader that acts as Master of Ceremonies announcing the bride and groom, the wedding party, cutting of the cake and bouquet and garter toss. Check to make sure that the band has an MC that will do this for you.

There is only one drawback of a great live band. Live bands will almost always be far more expensive than one man spinning tunes. Wedding cover bands can cost anywhere from $1500 to $10,000 for the best variety bands and DJs can cost anywhere from $300 to $2500. Most of the time, you usually get what you pay for. More expensive bands are more pricey for a reason. They normally sound much better and have much more entertainment value than more low-cost bands.

To sum up, a troupe of great live Houston bands contribute to a much more successful party than a Disc Jockey by an amazing live performance and can also act as a DJ spinning particular obscure tunes you may need that are not on the bands song list. The groups emcee will always know what songs to play from his years of experience dealing with the diverse age groups at a wedding reception and know what songs are appropriate to play at different times during the event. If your entertainment budget allows a fabulous live show, the obvious pick here is a live variety band for your wedding reception.








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